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When I first completed college, I was a buff 160 (please note the sarcasm).

I was a war victim…surviving 3 years of a subpar vegetarian diet that then evolved to a supbar vegan diet and finally settled at a…you guessed it, subpar raw food diet. On top of the that, I wasn’t even doing the whole no meat thing correctly. I was the Boca Patty king.



How I ate that stuff? By the almighty will of Boca God.

After I graduated, I started eating meat (to be honest, till this day I still cringe when I eat meat) to gain back weight and to integrate back into mainstream society.

I started researching different weight gain programs in order to add more mass. Of course, there was a lot of clutter and noise.

Within my own head:

“Skinny is just how I am. I should accept myself for who I am.”

“I’ll do it next month, next year, next lifetime.”

“The gym? Oh man that intimidates the hell out of me. I should get buff first so I don’t make a fool out of myself.”

“I’m already sexy and any real woman would be glad to have me – bony OR beastly.”

From the internet:

“Eat 5 times a day!”

“Lift big!”

“Take testosterone shots!”

Amidst the clutter…I survived….and became victorious.

I found a program that I highly recommend to everyone: Bony to Beastly. I was able to go from 160 lbs to the 185 I am today. I did it in a relatively short time and the weight I put on continues to be solid mass. This is because the program teaches you to how to target specific muscle groups that ramp up your testosterone levels. It’s science.


I learned that I was an ectomorph. Yay. Super fast metabolism but with adequate training, the ability to gain massive amounts of lean mass. A male models wet dream.


Here is a study that proves that women prefer a man who’s significantly leaner and more muscular than average, like a man found in Cosmo. They found these physiques more attractive than the more muscular ones in magazines targeted at health conscious men, like Men’s Health, and much more attractive than the muscles aspiring male weightlifters are exposed to in magazines like Men’s Fitness.

Basically, my disadvantage became a HUGE advantage.

I have completed Phase 1 numerous times and I am ready to ramp it up to Phase 2. I plan on going from 185 to 200 pounds within 1 month. I will only take one day off (Saturday) and weight lift every single day 6 AM.


Click Here – Bony To Beastly : How to Gain Weight!

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