Get Rid of Crappy Life Syndrome Once and For All


So yes. There are various types of people making various maneuvers. It’s a dog-eat-dog world.

Or is it?

The closer I move to creating a deeper relationship with myself, the better my reality becomes. More abundance. More colors. More smiles.

It’s like a non-stop mushroom trip.

I would be a liar to say that I don’t have my off days like every other human being. But now, I can recognize that specific song being played within myself and I gracefully allow myself to hear it, love it, and release it. *It’s only a portion of yourself that needs more love*

When I hear *The Call*…I listen.

I have become very sensitive to hearing myself and knowing how to respond.

It calls me, I go within and listen.

This has allowed me to make better decisions with my life. When I try to ignore that *Still Silent Voice* I mutate into a bad luck magnet.

People become meaner. I attract crappy leech people. There is an overcast. It’s not good.

Now, going through those stages are no longer necessary. I’m making love to myself.

Yup I said it.

I’m making love to myself…And wow, I’m a very good lover 😉

My intuition gets better. I attract higher quality people. The sun is shining!

Be true to yourself.

Watch out for the foxes. They look perfect to the outside world. Great job, great finances, great on paper.

But once they are revealed to you, you MUST change directions.

You can see them now. Get away from them. Not good people, no no.

Time to go within and find what really makes your heart sing.

Find the people singing your song.

You won’t know the song till you go within.

Love yourself.

Make love.

Find your song. Learn the melody.

Lean into yourself. Into your purpose.

Be a bad ass mother!

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