How To Get Muscular By Standing Up Straight

Hey Ectomorphs and Mesomorphs! Your parents weren’t totally off by telling you to stand up straight!

In fact, it could have been some of the best advice they ever gave you. When people start a training program, the first things that usually come to mind are: what cool exercises will I be doing? How many post workout shakes do I take? Which supplements do I need to get? Very few ever think about their posture. However, it could be the piece of the puzzle that’s holding them back and limiting their muscle gains, strength and performance.

If you stand tall, it won’t make you jacked, but having good posture will allow you to get jacked much faster and with much less risk of injury. Here’s why:

When you’re aligned properly the muscles are able to function properly. Think of the muscular system as a giant corporation. Each muscle has its own role and responsibility.

If each muscle does its respective job, then the body as a corporation makes the Fortune 500.



The muscles of the rotator cuff help keep the shoulder in the socket. Likewise, the gluteus medius helps to keep your hip in the socket. The external obliques help to stabilize the pelvis so you don’t wibble wobble with every move. Then we have biceps … well they do a good job of helping my overall sexiness. In any case, each muscle has spent a long time honing their skills and is very adept at what it does best. Unfortunately, when your posture sucks it throws a wrench into this well-functioning company. This is like the guy who forgot to order the photocopier, so you have to do copies by hand; you can still do your work, but it’s a hell of a lot harder, and way less productive.


This is what happens when you sit for a long time, which is an unavoidable part of modern living. With work, dinner and even good old Facebook we’ve all gotten pretty talented at sitting, which would be sick if sitting got you jacked … It’s too bad that sitting will do the exact opposite. It actually destroys your posture.
When you take bad posture and throw a bunch of challenging weightlifting exercises at it, it’s only a matter of time before your body can’t function well anymore. Have you ever plateaued in a lift? This is likely because your body is out of wack and can’t move optimally. This is especially true for ectomorphs and mesomorphs. However, our natural advantage is being ripped to shreds once we’re muscular, so hold tight! 

To get the most out of the big bang strength exercises, one must have the proper foundation of good posture and optimal biomechanical efficiency. Not mastering alignment is like building a house on top of a frozen lake during winter. The bigger the house gets, the more its weak foundation is exposed. It is only a matter of time before the ice cracks.

If you move well, you can lift more weights without hurting yourself. If you can lift more weights, and you eat well, you will increase muscle mass.

Sounds simple, right? If only it were that easy to move well. Years worth of sitting and moving improperly has caused many “moderners” to adapt to very faulty movement patterns, making it difficult and time consuming to correct. 




Kaizen King Tips

Spend less time sitting
It takes roughly 20 minutes for tissues to tighten up. If you sit for 8 hours a day, it should be no surprise that people get tight in the hips and shoulders. Try setting a timer on your computer for every 20 minutes. When it goes off, stand up tall, wiggle around and give yourself a massage.
Stand tall whenever you can
When you walk to school, when you’re at the club, stand up straight.
Train with good posture
If you maintain the principles of good posture throughout your training, you will be more likely to stimulate the correct muscles and learn to keep your posture better. Kind of like hitting the “save” button on posture. The key is to choose exercises that make it easier to maintain excellent posture. As soon as things get hard in a lift, your body will go right back to its “bad” habits. It may be smarter to choose a Goblet Squat over a heavy Back Squat right off the bat because the Goblet Squat makes it much easier to have good posture. This is because the load is in front, which stimulates the core muscles, which helps to stabilize the spine. The load used will also be lighter, making it easier to focus on using proper technique.


People revert back to habits when things get hard.

Solution: Build good habits.

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