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definition of kaizen

The direct translation of the word is “The act of making bad points better”. Although, this could also be seen as “Good Change” or “Change for better”.

“Continuous Change”

Kaizen (改善) is a Japanese word.

All that matters to you, as a Kaizen King, is that you Improve. How you do that, what methods you use and how long it takes doesn’t matter a dime.

There are no rules. There is no one path that works for everyone. There is no right or wrong way of doing things. There are no good or bad methods. There are only those that work and those that don’t.

All that matters is that you improve.
If it works for you, it’s Kaizen.

But what exactly is behind that name? What is the revolution that I want to lead?

It’s a revolution of inner change. It’s a quiet revolution. A revolution of personal improvement.

It’s a revolution lead by Kaizen Kings. We fight against fear, mediocrity & negativity. To make ourselves and the world around us better, in any way we can, that’s our mission. To continuously improve in all areas of our life, that’s our passion.

Do you want to be in front of the pack…or in the back?

The choice is ultimately yours.

Continue to be a loser and have your genetic code wipe from human existence…


utilize the BEST resources and tips from around the world so you can WORK SMARTER, PLAY HARDER, AND LIVE BETTER.


To build our kingdoms and leave a legacy, that’s what we strive for.